Spring Photos Part II

More from my fitness shoot with photographer Robert Barnes (Spring 2018).




From my latest shoot in downtown Los Angeles (Spring 2018).  Photos by Robert Barnes.  Enjoy!

Web Series!



WOW!  It’s been awhile since my last post on here.  I’ve been very busy with writing and producing my first web series which is titled “Alicia & Jerome.”  It’s an office based comedy inspired by my life in Los Angeles.  The corporate scene out here is kill or be killed!  You will definitely see some of that essence in this series as well as some of the personal struggles of the lead character, Alicia, which include balancing both her work and social life.  She has her friends and coworker, Jerome, to help her along the way.  Stay tuned!  Once we are done with production I will share our official trailer and possibly a few video clips as well.  We will be sharing this project mostly within the film and web series festival world, HOWEVER, we absolutely appreciate our online viewers.  Please subscribe to this blog to follow our journey.

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So…It’s that time of the year where I get to switch up my look and shoot new headshots.  I’m very excited!  Headshot photography is almost like a form of storytelling.  You have the opportunity to present different characters through photographs and it’s pretty riveting.  I’m also looking forward to updating my reel.  Subscribe to my blog if you’d like to follow my journey.  I’m basically re-branding myself on my own terms and it’s been a liberating process.

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Photos by: Walter Tabayoyong